Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Residency

The University of Chicago Otolaryngology Residency training program provides an outstanding clinical experience. The section of Otolaryngology has produced such academic leaders as John R. Lindsay, Harold Schuknecht, Cesar Fernandez, Theodore Walsh, W. Garth Hemenway, Ralph Naunton, George Singleton, Paul Ward, John Fredrickson, Robert Kohut, George Conner, Willard Moran, Gregory Matz, Joan Zajtchuk, Horst Konrad, Lloyd Minor, Dennis Poe and James Stankiewicz and Kathleen L Yaremchuk, past president of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Program Contacts


Fuad Baroody, MD

Program Director


Sabrina Guerrero

Education Specialist

Residents benefit from a robust experience centered in our diverse clinics as well as our operating rooms where the residents experience over 2000 surgical cases over the 5 years of training.  The program prides itself for being close knit with an excellent relationship between the faculty and the residents and abundance of one on one experiences with faculty of diverse subspecialties in otolaryngology.  Our clinical experience centers at our tertiary care facility at the University of Chicago as well as an academic affiliated facility at Northshore University Health Systems.  Added training opportunities are available at affiliated Ingalls Hospital and surgi-centers where the residents rotate on as needed basis depending on surgical opportunities. Above all, we aim to train future otolaryngologists of varied backgrounds to become leaders and enhance diverse representation in our field.  

We recruit 3 residents per year through the national Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and have a full complement of 15 residents in the program.


UChicago Medicine Center for Care and Discovery - Hyde Park, also known as the CCD, is our flagship hospital in Hyde Park. The 10-story facility first opened in 2013 and is home to world-class medical and surgical care. The CCD includes 436 beds (all private rooms, which are spacious enough to accommodate family for overnight stays), 52 intensive care beds, 9 suites for advanced imaging and interventional procedures and 29 operating rooms designed to accommodate hybrid and robotic procedures.

The Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM building) is our primary outpatient facility in Hyde Park.  It is a 6 floored building that houses primary and subspecialty care. There are also 8 operating rooms for outpatient surgeries in the DCAM building.  This facility is where our Otolaryngology clinics are located as well as Audiology and Speech/Swallowing. 

The Comer Children’s hospital is a stand-alone Children’s hospital on the medical campus in Hyde Park.  It houses 5 operating rooms as well as 2 procedure suites.  It has 137 pediatric beds total with a 47 bed NICU.  Not only is it home to the inpatient care of pediatric patients but it also houses a majority of pediatric clinics, the pediatric Emergency Department, and the Family birth center.

All three buildings are connected by bridges and tunnels and are on the Hyde Park Campus, next to the undergraduate campus of the University of Chicago.


The Section of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Chicago is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as part of our mission and in choosing trainees for our residency program.  Our core faculty attend implicit bias training workshops before interview season, adopt fair practices in recruitment and retention, and encourage our residents to engage with our Department’s and Division’s programming and wellness support in the realms of diversity and inclusion.

Several members of our faculty participate in the department’s DEI Steering Committee which hosts a number of events for faculty and trainees throughout the year to promote examination of implicit bias and conversation surrounding structural racism.  Furthermore, interested residents are encouraged to belong to our House Staff Diversity Committee, which includes resident and fellows from across departments.  You can learn more about the department’s DEI targeted efforts by visiting the following link:

    2024-2025 academic year
    SURG 35600 | 150 units
    Course Type: Sub-Internship

    Director & Primary Instructor:
    Dr. Andrea Shogan
    Susan Chambers  
    Visiting Students:


    The surgical specialty sub-internship is targeted to the Fourth year medical student who desires to achieve an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. The student will spend time with all OHNS faculty in order to provide a broad overview of Otolaryngology.  These conditions include allergic disorders, sinus disease, pediatric airway and ear problems, common otologic conditions, skull base surgery, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, head and neck tumors (benign and malignant; management and reconstruction), swallowing disorders, voice, sleep surgery, facial trauma and facial plastic surgery.
    In addition, the student will be primarily responsible for those inpatients to which they are assigned. The student will be expected to function at a first year resident level (with reduced patient load) and to attend all weekly conferences including tumor board, M&M, Journal Club, Grand Rounds, resident teaching rounds, and research seminars.  At the end of the month, students will give a Grand Round presentation.

    Please view, Visiting Students | Pritzker School of Medicine | The University of Chicago ( to ensure that you are eligible to apply for the sub-internship. 


    1. Students will be able to perform a head and neck history and examination, including mirror and flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy.
    2. Students will be able to recognize variations of normal anatomy.
    3. Students will be able recognize common pathologic processes and learn methods of management.
    4. Students will be able to recognize head and neck manifestations of systemic disease.
    5. Students will develop an understanding of head and neck neuroanatomy and physiology.
    6. Students will be able to complete a microscopic examination of the tympanic membrane.
    7. Students will be able to discuss the peri-operative management of head and neck cancer patients.
    8. Students will give a grand rounds presentation at the end of their rotation.


    The student will be evaluated by all faculty on their ability to meet the above objectives and to function as a critical member of the OHNS service.  Students will be able to obtain a joint letter from the Division Chairman, Nishant Agrawal MD, and Clerkship Coordinator, Andrea Shogan MD, at the end of the rotation.

    Schedules Offered

    This course is offered on a Monthly Basis during the following months:

    •     April
    •     May
    •     June
    •     July
    •     August
    •     September
    •     October
    •     November


    • Fourth year
    • Visiting Student (from LCME Accredited Medical Schools Only)



    The University of Chicago Underrepresented in Medicine Visiting Clerkship Program (UiMVCP)

    click here for more information about the program, including how to apply!

    Otolaryngology Incoming Interns

    2024 - 2025